Terms Of Service

The Comic Book Presser Inc. has been pressing comics for over a decade and we have worked on thousands of comic books in various conditions. This is often the main reason people choose our company again and again – we have experience. We have a very good eye for when a book is too fragile and adjust as needed to accommodate each and every unique case. We will also reject a book if we deem it is not a good candidate to be worked on. Due to the fragile nature of collectibles there is always a risk of damage. The Submitter/Client acknowledges that techniques used by The Comic Book Presser Inc. for pressing and cleaning services may result in new defects. By agreeing to this Terms of Service, I as the Submitter/Client, agree with full understanding that, The Comic Book Presser Inc. will not be responsible for any or all damages to any or all comic book(s) that may occur while in our possession. The Submitter/Client will not hold The Comic Book Presser Inc. responsible for punitive damages, if any damages happen. Customers also acknowledge that there is always a risk that may result in a lower grade or no grade subsequently being assigned to such collectibles by a grading company. We have an extremely high customer return rate due to our proven track record. We take every job very seriously no matter how large or small and we are looking forward to working with you.