About The Comic Book Presser

At The Comic Book Presser, our goal is to improve the quality and VALUE of your comic collection. We work on everything from small orders for new hobbyists to huge submissions from some of the largest comic dealers in the country. We have the experience and facility to keep our turnaround times short and our quality bar at the top of its class. With well over a decade of experience and over 4,000 unique submissions, we have more experience than many of our competitors combined.

The Comic Book Presser was founded by Chris Myers in 2010, in Encino California. Currently located in Raleigh North Carolina, we now have a small staff and an amazing facility to work on your books. Chris grew up an avid comic book collector and has never lost his passion. In 2021, he finished a 32 year journey, completing full runs of X-Men and Amazing Spider-man. 

Our staff combines a great mixture of fine art, comic industry veterans and yes, even lab techs. We understand paper and paper conservation. Nothing we do here is considered restoration at grading companies.



About Chris

Chris has a Master of Fine Arts degree in animation and has been in the animation industry for 24 years. For ten of these years, he worked for Activision/Blizzard in their Neversoft Entertainment and Infinity Ward studios. During that time he worked on two of the largest selling game franchises in history – shipping 5 Guitar Hero and 4 Call of Duty titles. After Activision, Chris was the Animation Director on Funcom’s upcoming DUNE game where he led the animation team at 3 of our Funcom studios – North Carolina, Oslo Norway and Lisbon Portugal. He is currently the Lead Narrative Animator at Free Range Games.

Check Your Submission Status in Real Time

You can log into our website to track the progress of all your orders at any time. You will also receive an email when your books enter each new step listed below.