*This is the current estimated value of your comic. This is not the value you estimate after we work on it. If you are unsure of the value, an advanced search on Ebay will allow you to look under sold listings.

*This is a $7.00 fee that we charge to crack books out of their current grading case.

  • For the $20.00 fee, your books are insured in the mail under our own CIS  (Collectibles Insurance Services) policy.
  • You must ship with Signature Confirmation and include your printed invoice with your books or the insurance is not valid.
  • This insurance covers the books being shipped to us and also when we ship them out.
  • This does not cover books coming back from a grading company. 
  • This is for insurance only and does not cover the shipping cost to us or when we ship them to their next destination.
  • Fast Pass puts you in a special Fast Pass line that is shorter than our regular turnaround time.
  •  You can see our current turnaround times at the top of every page. 
  • Front of Line jumps every other book and we start on your books the day they arrive. 

*If you are in the Raleigh area, you may drop off and pick up your books at any Ultimate
Comics location. Please make sure all your submission paperwork is included, failure to
do so will put you in the back of the queue.

We only press and clean comics that follow CGC’s grading size restrictions. CGC will not certify collectibles that are too large for its holders. This includes:

  • Comic books larger than 10-1/2” tall x 7-5/8” wide x 1/4” thick
  • Magazines larger than 11-1/2” tall x 8-7/8” wide x 1/2” thick
  • Excluding pulps, we do not press them

Presser Info:

*Yes, we do press foil covers. The older books like the 1993 Venom Lethal Protector book or Amazing Spider-Man 365 are foil books we press almost weekly. We also press modern foil books. Due to the cardstock cover that is often on foil books, they do not manipulate as well as a typical comic book but they do improve.

*Yes, while we do not press graphic novels, we do press prestige format books. Examples of a prestige format book are the classic Frank Miller Dark Knight Series. Due to the cardstock cover on these books, they do not manipulate as well as a typical comic book but they do improve.

*No, you will need a unique Submission for each shipping location.You can however ship multiple submissions to us in one box.

*No, you will need a unique Submission for each turnaround time. You can however ship multiple submissions to us in one box.

*Books that are sent to a CGC Signature Event must have a unique Submission; these books are shipped separately from other books being submitted to CGC.

*Pre-screening is available for orders with a minimum of 50 books and is $3 per book.

*You will need to include a printed copy of your invoice and your credit card form if you are using our CGC or CBCS account.

*Turnaround times begin when your books reach our facility, not upon completing submission forms. Please note all turnaround times are estimates.

  • Yes, you will receive an email at each of the following stages. You can also log into our website and check the status of all your submissions at any time. We do not give more details than what is listed below.
  • 1. Confirming your books have arrived.
  • 2. When we have started on your books.
  • 3. When your books are completed.
  • 4. When your books have shipped out with a tracking number. We ship books once a week.

*You are responsible for inspecting your books before submission to determine what
services you need. Please look carefully at our Spine Roll images for reference.

*Your books are fully insured by your own insurance policy while they are in our custody.

*We press books as many times as the book requires. This is what often sets us apart
from a factory or “one and done” service.

*We do not remove restoration.

*We do not remove stains or foxing. We focus on dry cleaning only. We do not do
anything that is or can be considered restoration.

*We photograph all books during intake and outtake. Sharing these images is not a
service we provide.

*There is flat $50 order minimum on every submission.

* We press square bound comics.

*We dry clean and press comic books and standard magazines only.
*We DO NOT press posters, pulps, trading cards, strategy guides, graphic novels, trade paperbacks, mini/micro books, Funko boxes or DVD inserts.

Grading Companies - CGC and CBCS:

– CGC prices and turnaround times can be found here:
– CBCS prices and turnaround times can be found here:

*Yes, you can write down the CGC Label you want on a specific book in the notes section of your submission. Note that CGC ships custom label books back separately than others, so you will have more than one shipping fee from CGC if all are not custom labels.

*Yes, we are an authorized CGC Dealer and Signature Facilitator.

*We can only crack out Yellow CGC Signature Labels when we are sending them to get an additional signature. This will keep the old signature valid when we crack it out of the case to press/clean and send to a signing for an additional signature. These books MUST be submitted under our dealer account in order for CGC to validate the previous signature.

*Yes, we write the appropriate Tier or signing initials on all boxes going to grading companies. We are very experienced with this and have it all covered.

*No, we absolutely do not offer CGC or CBCS updates. The last email you will receive from us is when your books ship to the grading company. CGC will ship to you with signature confirmation when the books have completed.

* The books ship directly back to you from the grading company.

*CGC sends back each Tier in its own box. For example, if you send 3 Unlimited Value comics, 12 Modern comics and 2 Vintage Tier comics, you will receive each group as it is completed and shipped out. In the above example, you would receive 3 different boxes from CGC.

No, we no longer ship ride along books to grading companies.

*Yes, 85% of our books ship directly to CGC or CBCS. You can however have the books shipped to you or an address you provide.

*When you check out on our website, you have only paid for our services. We use the credit card
form info to fill out your CGC paperwork/billing for you.’

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